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Outback Lawn & Irrigation has been installing and repair irrigation systems for over 20 years.

We use dynamic designs to optimize water usage, while still providing full coverage of your lawn.

Irrigation systems have so many uses:

  1. To water your plants, flowers, trees, and grass year round according to the season.

  2. Setup an irrigation just on the perimeter of your home to water the foundation and make sure your ground is staying secure and level.

  3. Water your vegetable garden:  Irrigation can be devised in so many different ways to water ground gardens, raised garden beds, and even bucket containers.  We can add in a ball valve for each bed/row of the garden so they can be watered all at once or separately.

Sprinkler head in the grass.
Roses in landscape Beaumont Texas
Spray head
Newly installed line of irrigation heads
Sprinkler heads
Manicured lawn
Sod and irrigation installation
Sprinkler heads

Irrigation Services Include:

  • New System Installation

  • Drip Irrigation

  • Repairs

    • Irrigation leaks / break in pipe​

    • Heads broken, not popping up, or going down correctly

    • Valve issues

    • Controller Repair/ Replacement / Upgrades

    • Backflow 

    • Zones not coming on, stuck on, or running at the same time as other zones

  • System Add On

    • Add bubblers to new trees on property​

    • Add a Zone for another section on property

    • Switch out irrigation on your flowerbeds

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